Monday, July 6, 2015

Committee Proposes More Bicycle Racks

Fairhope, Alabama.


Chariman Riley, Finger, Grout
The city's Pedestrian and Bicycle  Committee is finalizing a plan for bicycle racks to be placed at up to 14 locations around town at a cost of about $7,500 depending upon the final design selected: Mike Grout is spearheading that effort.

More-interesting "artistic" types of racks and generic ones were discussed; the less-costly standard ones were ultimately recommended. 

The proposal has been in the works for years but was delayed due questions concerning the exact locations of the racks: the newest proposal only gives general locations where they are needed:  precise locating to be worked out later.

Funding will come out of the public works department's budget, if approved by the council.


* The committee received sidewalk requests from the public works department and began the process of prioritization so that the most-needed may be included in the mayor's budget proposal for the coming year.  Member Jane Finger volunteered to oversee the effort.

* Started finalizing a "wish list" of other projects (requested by the mayor as well) such as needed sidewalk/intersection repairs to make them more handicapped accessible, seamless transitions to crosswalks, removing obstructions (bushes, trees), telephone poles in sidewalks need re-locating,  and other improvements.

* Better enforcement of 'no bikes on pier' policy.

Mayor Kant is participating in the Department of Transportation's 'Mayor's Challenge' program to make the city safer for pedestrians; new proposals for next year must be submitted this month.

possible designs

proposed rack locations


Anonymous said...

Maybe they can get funds from enforcing broken traffic laws by all the bicycle riders around town. Someone is almost hit every time I go down town when cyclist Ren ref lights, don't yield to people walking. Seen a group almost wipe out people riding on the side walks. Write tickets

Anonymous said...

I had two people on bicycle pass me on the RIGHT HAND SIDE and yelled at me because I was getting out of my car I did not see them . My point is if you want to be treated like a car and share the road well you pass on the left hand side and stop when a car stops ie.stop signs and if a car stops in front of you do not go around unless it is on the left! Also these people on the sidewalk with bikes sometimes side by side

Anonymous said...

I agree start writing tickets

Anonymous said...

This has noting to do with bicycles but these exercise groups at the bay. There is a group of women that do lunges and lunge kicks on the side walk at the bay while people are trying to walk and they are rude . They expect everyone to get out of the way. I thought you had to have some sort of business certificate to use the bay in such a way it is clearly the same group and am pretty sure it is a paid for class Sounds like a liability issue if someone gets hurt They are always two or three across so the take up the whole bay. RUDE

Anonymous said...

the whole sidewalk not the bay, but someone seems to have a free classroom

Anonymous said...

I almost hit someone on a bicycle the other day because he ran a stop sign at full speed. Then he raised his arms at me shouting as if it were my fault. I have witnessed several bicyclists run stop signs endangering themselves because they act like they have some sort of right above the laws. I always give them the road but when I feel like it is safe I am going to pass. Our time is just as precious as theirs. The city has already put bike lanes on the street but yet they still ride on the sidewalks.
Maybe they should learn to obey the laws like the rest of us before we invest more money. This is an awesome place to live. We should all be treated equal.