Friday, July 10, 2015

Councilman Calls For State Takeover of Baldwin Schools

Fairhope, Alabama.

Ford, seated at head of table

At a council work session recently where various city funding proposals to supplement  area county schools was being discussed, long-time city councilman Mike Ford suggested  a state takeover of the financially-strapped Baldwin County school system may be the best outcome in the long run.

(video below)

"What happens if the state does take over? Would it help to cut out the $40 million we send them every year? What's wrong with the state taking over?"

Ford said he thought the county may be able to keep the money now being sent to other counties under the controversial 'Equity Funding' program, if the state took over operations from the Baldwin County School Board.

Ford: "Since we haven't been able to do anything with schools ourselves ... . Seems to me, if they take it over ... they will see the necessity of what we are going through ... and cut out this equity funding situation."

After a few moments of stunned silence, councilmember Brewer: "That's not going to happen."

EAC member Hill Robinson: "Its a myth were not getting money back."

[Councilman Burrell told the Times' education reporter several days later: "I don’t want the state to take over the system.  I think we are a long way away from that ever happening"; the district's school board representative Cecil Christenberry called Ford's ideas "scary, if he really said that."
Bob Riggs
EAC member Bob Riggs explained to Ford that every county in the state is required to contribute the equivalent of 10 mils to the equity funding program; but since property values are considerably higher in Baldwin County we contribute a greater monetary amount than most of the other counties.

The money is given back on a per-pupil basis though: the same ratio for every county.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Mike has finally lost his mind completely, sad to see a good man decline so much but gonna happen to us all somday.

Anonymous said...

He is right on. just let them worry about it not us.

Anonymous said...

Go home Mike. You're drunk.

Anonymous said...

It is not our job to educate other peoples children