Monday, December 7, 2015

Early Morning Flower Clock Accident

Fairhope, Alabama

Section St. at Hwy 104

Fairhope police and fire personnel responded to a single car accident about 2:30AM this morning but no driver could immediately be located.

The small, white vehicle apparently tried to negotiate the turn at a high rate of speed and left the road into the wooded "triangle" property.

A fireman speculated the driver may have been "impaired" in some way and decided to leave the scene: not an uncommon occurrence at that time of day.


Anonymous said...

Probably trying to see what time it was.

Anonymous said...

We used to be a family town, now just a nightspot for alcoholics.

Anonymous said...

This blog sucks and so does the socalled journalists.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you don't like this blog, why do you even bother to read it?

Anonymous said...

you know I have seen this comment several times before which means the above person is a regular reader!! HAHA