Over a year ago, current city leaders came into office promising to address pressing growth-related issues facing the city that had apparently been neglected for so long; but the results so far have been disappointing, falling instead into embarrassing tit-for-tat personal sniping and paralysis so familiar to long-time city hall watchers.

A building moratorium came and went, and some more studies were done -- but so far mostly put back on the shelf to gather dust with numerous others already there.

The new year offers the chance for the adults in the room to do better, hit the reset button, find common ground, and get on with the business of governing.

The people and employees of the city deserve better.


Anonymous said...

If it is too much for them or they do not have time maybe they should step aside and let someone else do it.

Anonymous said...

Good new year wish, editor. Wish mayor, not a politician, and council, with experienced Burrell and Boone, would try to work more together instead of absolutely everything being power play. Mayor needs new kitchen cabinet, new advisors, council needs to stop being bullies and help mayor instead of sidestepping and bypassing everything to show whose boss. Boys against the girl is how they behave. Voters sick of both, if no changes, everyone will be replaced come next election. Council behavior at times worse than political elite politicians vs bull in China shop non traditional politician trump. Like him or not, trump is president. Like her or not Karin is mayor. Respect and working together is a must on both sides for what's best for Fairhope and citizens. Throw personal agenda out. Gulf Coast media could also help matters by not editorializing, slanting and incorporating personal agenda in news coverage, just keep to facts with news stories. Stirring that pot helps nothing except give readers bad impression and questions about rationale. Fairhope Times does set example on facts and fairness, greatly appreciated.