Thursday, February 18, 2016

Updated: Famous Fairhope Bookstore Closed For Remodeling

Fairhope, Alabama

Update: Other parts of the store are still open during the construction.

coffee shop side



bookstore side

The famous independent bookstore and coffee shop on Section St. in the heart of downtown Fairhope will be closed for a few days for remodeling; the layout inside will remain about the same according to a worker on the site today.

The Book Cellar, a wet bar, was added behind the coffee shop last year.



Anonymous said...

It is a good place but we wish they would not block the city's sidewalk with their cheap looking tables.

apyle said...

I love the tables. They add charm to the place. Fairhope has such a lovely down town.

apyle said...

I love the sidewalk tables, they add charm to the place. Fairhope has such a lovely downtown

Anonymous said...

why do people say Fairhope has a lovely downtown? I guess it is residents trying to convince outsiders. Looks like every small town to me . There are prettier ones elsewhere. A lot prettier and actually substance to them not just over priced junk stores ( i.m.o)

Anonymous said...

Business must be good these days, real good....

Anonymous said...

do they sell e books there too?

Anonymous said...