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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wilson Wins In Silverhill Too

Fairhope, Alabama

Silverhill's incumbent mayor Tim Wilson (no relation to Karin to our knowledge) narrowly defeated challenger Shirley Stephens: Steven Williams won council place two and Steve Brooks place five.

Tim Wilson         106
Shirley Stephens   98

Alan Norden          57
Steven Williams  143

Steve Brooks  134
Rebel Hill         68

Wilson Upsets Kant For Fairhope Mayor

Fairhope, Alabama


Mayor-elect Karin Wilson


Local business owner Karin Wilson has defeated four term incumbent mayor Tim Kant by a 53-47% margin (see her comments below), place two council incumbent Rich Mueller was defeated by Jay Robinson,  and place three council member Diana Brewer will most likely have to face challenger Jimmy Conyers in a runoff election because neither gained a 50% majority (after absentee/provisional ballots are counted).

Place one incumbent Jack Burrell was re-elected as was place five incumbent Kevin Boone.

The open place four seat being vacated by Mike Ford went to Robert Brown over James Nix Jr.

The new government will take office in early November.

(There were 867 more votes cast in the mayor's race than in 2012; Wilson won by 451)

Wilson 3407  53%
Kant    2974   47%
Jay Robinson

Burrell 5887
Smith  1287

Mueller   1979
Robinson 4287

Brewer    2918    46%
Conyers  2774    44%
Lawrence 660    10%

Robert Brown

Brown  4382  67%
Nix      2119   33%

Boone  3504  56%
Gover  2746   44%

Wilson's remarks posted to Facebook:

"Tonight history was made in Fairhope.
Here's our new mayor's message to you:
Nothing makes me happier than to report that my acceptance speech and concession speech are the same speech. I won. You won.

When I first announced my campaign, people were fearful. Fearful to speak out. Fearful their friends or family or employer would be upset. I thought, “Is this where I live? Is this really Fairhope?” As we started talking about my platform, going door to door, those doors started opening, and people would whisper, “I support what you are doing.”

More and more people starting coming out into the open. As it turned out, the community as a whole had a lot on their mind. We said “it’s ok”. We weren’t afraid. We began putting up more and more signs. More people joined this conversation and the chorus became louder. People began picking up their own signs. They began asking for me to come to talk to them and their friends in their homes. This long overdue community conversation became more and more open, honest, and truthful.

YOU started a conversation that has only just begun. This conversation will keep pushing our lawmakers to actually involve the community in their very important decisions – not just give the optics of involvement. This conversation will require leaders to communicate with the public on different terms, improving transparency and accountability. This conversation will necessitate a new approach to planning – one that is proactive instead of reactive and one that doesn’t saturate our community with over-development. This conversation will result in real changes that will make sense and benefit this community. This conversation will keep going.

Leadership will no longer be able to shrug their shoulders and say they aren’t sure how something impactful to the community happened. Leadership will no longer be able to say we can’t. They will be looked at by YOU to say “here are some ways we can.”

And let me make this very clear. Being Mayor is a position of leadership. The REAL people who do this amazing work, lead these city departments, run community organizations and extend nothing short of heroic efforts in Fairhope -- THEY will keep doing their work, and our town will continue to be an incredible place to live because of them.
Thank you to the many volunteers who made my campaign a success. Thank you to each person who took the time out of their day to be part of a fun, energized election in downtown Fairhope today. Thank you also to our Secretary of State, who responded to our requests and sent his General Counsel to personally provide election oversight support at the Civic Center today.

I am so proud to have been part of this experience. I WILL continue the conversation and the hard work we have just started to do. We will do this.

Here’s to a new chapter in Fairhope!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fairhope's Election Day 2016

Fairhope, Alabama


Voter turnout at city hall was heavier than usual about noon today; all of the races appear to be competitive this time.

Retiring councilman Ford in wheelchair

City Council Place Five Campaign Contributions

Fairhope, Alabama

Polls open from 7AM until 7PM today.


Incumbent Kevin Boone has reported a total of $10,425 so far including:

$2500 from Dewberry Engineering (formerly Preble Risch)
$500 Summit Industries Inc.
$250 Tony's Towing
$750 Michael Boothe
$250 James Reid
$150 Sawgrass Consulting, Inc
$200 Terry Thompson
$100 Marion Wynne  city attorney
$300 Oliver Gilmore
$500 Angus Cooper II
$200 Eastern Shore Mobile Home Village
$250 WAS Design Inc
$200 Arthur Tonsmeire III

Challenger Gary Gover reported $1098 including:

$150 from Collin Rust
$500 Elenore Scott

(After expenditures, Gover's campaign wound up -$837 in the red, according to the report.)

The entire report can be accessed from the Baldwin County website, public records search (deeds and records).

Monday, August 22, 2016

City Council Place Four Campaign Contributions

Fairhope, Alabama


James "Phil" Nix Jr. reported a total of $6,360 so far including:

$500 from Monuments Inc.
$500 James Nix Sr.
$150 James Reid
$150 David Legler
$150 Marion Wynne
$100 William Jones
$100 Clear Image Glass Inc.

Robert Brown reported $10,255 including:

$1000 from Suncoast Energy
$2500 from Al. Builders PAC
$500 Lee Turner
$500 Dale Crittendon
$250 Sawgrass Consulting
$400 David Wirtes
$500 Edward Brown
$500 Doug Ward and Co.
$250 David Jernigan
$150 Gene Warhurst Jr.

(Some candidates for this and every other place may have contributed to their own campaigns.)

City Council Place Three Campaign Contributions

Fairhope, Alabama


As of August 19th, incumbent Diana Brewer had reported a total of $8,178 contributed including:

$2,500 from Angus R. Cooper
$1,000 Barbara Nelson
$100 Tuscan Trading Inc.
$500 Olivia Avent
$200 Louis Mapp
$250 Kerry Flowers, City EAC chairman
$50 Martin Lanaux, Library Board chairman
$250 Billy Pearcy
$200 Arthur Tonsmiere

Challenger Jimmy Conyers reported a total of $6,815 (until Aug. 15th) including:

$250 from Taylor Norton
$200 Roger Guilian
$150 K9 Dental
$300 Stankoski/Myrick, Llc  Myrick is the Airport Authority's hired attorney
$200 Fairhope Realty Group
$1000 Adam and Reese Llp
$250 Sandy Tues llc
$350 Duck, Calhoun and Stone Llc
$1000 Volkert Llc
$500 Ross Cumbest
$400 David Wirtes
$100 Roland Neeson
$1000 RSR Llc
$250 Dale Marston

Challenger Murray Lawrence reported a total of $0.00 contributed.

The entire lists may be accessed from the Baldwin County website via a public records search.

(Some candidates for this and every other place may have contributed to their own campaigns.)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Council Reverses Course On Creek Marina Project

Fairhope, Alabama

City's Fly Creek marina docks


Board member Yeager in orange shirt
After hearing objections from some Harbor Board members during its last July meeting, the city council voted unanimously (those present: Brewer and Ford were absent) to rescind a contract it had already awarded to the low bidder (but was not yet signed-- click) for repairing the city's decaying Fly Creek marina's wooden docks, pilings, and piers using more modern techniques and materials -- opting instead for less-costly traditional ones like those underway at the private Fly Creek Marina across the channel to the south and east.

The change could save over $100K and left over funds used to make other much-needed safety and cosmetic improvements there.

Most of the work, and some limited dredging, will occur at the far north end, on the west side of the creek.

Councilman Boone is the council's representative on the Harbor Board (left foreground in photo).

Traditional methods used instead

Harbor Board members provided some rudimentary plans, but were to collaborate further on the new specifications with local private sector experts on dock design; the city's contracted engineering firm (Jade Engineering) will still have to be paid fees for the work already done on their rejected design, even though it will never be used: about $8,000.

The additional new engineering costs will be included in new project cost estimates still to be determined.

(The city's attorney ok'd the wording of the rescinding resolution before adoption)

Harbor Board chairman Bob Riggs

Board member Skip Jones

Councilman Burrell at left, Mueller right

City Council Place Two Campaign Contributions

Fairhope, Alabama


As of August 8th, records show incumbent Richard Mueller reported a total of $950, including:

$250 from Vince Boothe, Fairhope Airport Authority committee member.
$250 Jim Boothe Contractcors. Llc
$200 Arthur Tonsmeire
$250 Tony's Towing Llc.

Challenger Jay Robinson had a total of $5,850 including:

$1000 from Frazier, Green, Upchurch Llc.
$300 Fairhope Realty Group
$500 Brian Comer
$400 David Wirtes
$1000 Ray Hix, Airport Authority committee member.
$500 Russell Rowland
$250 Colby Cooper
$200 Sephen Searcy
$300 A. D. Frazier
$250 Stephen Kreller
$100 Roland Neeson, realtor FRG

The entire list may be accessed from Baldwin County's website using a public records search (deeds and records)

(Candidates may have contributed to their own campaigns)