Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fairhope Avenue Roundabout Sneak Preview

Fairhope, Alabama


The city's first roundabout on a main street, at the intersection of Fairhope Avenue and Oberg Road,  is now expected to be completed around August 1st; based upon a recent test drive, it is of sound design and construction so far.

The one million dollar project will be the county's third roundabout according to other media reports (click): a joint project of the county, city and ALDOT.

12 - 15 thousand cars normally pass through the intersection daily; that has been diverted to side streets during construction.

Landscaping has not been discussed yet to our knowledge, but presumably visibility is an issue so low growing plants only would be used.

The intersection has been closed since March 21st.


Anonymous said...

MMM, 4th actually. There is one on Riviera drive in Foley. It's been there since 97 I believe

Anonymous said...

There's one on Longue Vue Blvd, in Daphne

Anonymous said...

The article reads 'The city's 1st...', not the County's first roundabout.

Anonymous said...

Where are the flowers?

leah said...

I guess it's assumed that "locals" will know which intersection on hwy 13 this is. Still, might be informative to "newbies" to mention the intersection street/hwy. Or maybe I just missed it.

Anonymous said...

A cynical person may say the politicians time all of these projects to begin or be completed just prior to elections every 4 years -- so they can go back to sleep for the next 3.

A cynic would say that ... not me ... .

Publisher said...

Landscaping has not been discussed in public yet, but presumably visibility is an issue and only grass or low-growing plants permitted by state/federal highway regulations.

Someone did suggest a statue of the mayor be erected there, perhaps somewhat sarcastically though ... .

Anonymous said...

from the article

The one million dollar project will be the county's third roundabout according

Anonymous said...

Why not put another flower clock in the middle?

Anonymous said...

When did Baldwin county become Europe??

Anonymous said...

What happened to the 3 month timeline that we were given initially? It should have been finished late June. No doubt this will be a benefit to the city, but it has been a real hassle for school traffic, etc.