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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fairhope Candidate Forum City Council Place Four

Fairhope, Alabama

Phil Nix


James Phil Nix Jr. -- the son of former mayor James Nix Sr. -- is seeking the open place being vacated by retiring Mike Ford: He said he is running because of his "love of the city" he was born and raised in and to carry on in the footsteps of Ford. He said growth is "inevitable" but is concerned about all the changes. During his father's term as mayor, he saw the city go from "disrepair to the beautiful place we have now ... want to keep that ('Keep Fairhope Fairhope')." The planks of his platform are: (1) managed growth based on the "well thought out" comprehensive plan; (2) education support; (3) fiscal responsibility; (4) service.  He said he does not favor an independent school system but would allow a referendum on a special tax district to support county schools. Citing his 24 year experience as county tax collector,  he called public service a "privilege" based on listening to citizens. The comprehensive growth plan is only a guide though and need not be strictly followed, he added.

Life-long Fairhope resident Robert Brown is also seeking this spot on the council, but he was not able to attend this event at the Homestead Village on August 4th. Campaign material says his priorities include "fostering common sense decisions" (ie. including restrooms in the soccer complex cost); improving communication and planning; and preserving natural resources (ie. Mobile Bay). He says he favors working within the Baldwin County system to improve schools, and also would favor allowing a special tax district voter referendum. Balancing budgets while improving infrastructure -- and solving parking problems and preserving downtown are also important goals of his.


Anonymous said...

Phil is a good guy but he really wants to follow his daddy as mayor.

Anonymous said...

The mayor does not seemed impressed in the picture.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord. Pray for Fairhope and its leadership whoever they may be.

Anonymous said...

Phil does not want to follow what his father did. Just ask him and he will tell you that is not in the cards for him.

Anonymous said...

uh, no more nixes please,

Anonymous said...

No more nixes please, AMEN!!!

Anonymous said...

No MORE nixes? There has only been 1. As for Phil, even his nix family will tell you he has zero desire to follow in his fathers footsteps. Phil is 10 times the man his father ever could have dreamt of being and Fairhope would be lucky to have him. There is no need in comparing him to his father. It would be like comparing apples to grapes. Two men with different sized hearts, egos and attitudes. Being a nix is not a valid reason for dismissing Phil, he is so much more that given that discriminatory attitude above some people will never get to know.

Roger said...

Ford taught the current council some of his tricks and dubious ethical practices, good thing he is gone.