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Friday, April 14, 2017

Presbyterian Church School Plans Expansion

Fairhope, Alabama

Eastern Shore Presbyterian


The Planning Commission approved the request of Wendell Barnhill to rezone a small portion of his 12 acre 'East Park Subdivision PUD' property to B-2 (general business) to allow construction of personal storage on the northwest side; the rest of the property is to be sold for additional classrooms for the Bayshore Christian School next door -- if the church congregation approves the purchase (the site is north of Publix grocery).

A 47-lot townhouse development (PUD) was approved for the site in 2006 Barnhill said, but the economy went bad and nothing was  built; before that, the East Park Mobile Home Park operated on the site for many years.

Initially, only about 11 of the lots will be needed for the new "high school level" classrooms; but eventually a gymnasium and/or other church campus needs could be located there, according to church representative Rick Skinner.

Churches and schools are a permitted use in R-1 residentially-zoned property, according to Planning Director Wayne Dyess -- but a plant-buffer will have to be installed around the proposed new commercial area where it abuts residential.

Vehicular access is also an issue.

Private schools are often mentioned as a way to supplement public schools which are having a hard time keeping up with population growth.

The city council will have to approve the zoning change; new site plans will have to be submitted and approved later as well.

Parker Rd. entrance

Old trailer park

The large parcel in center


Anonymous said...

Yet another stupid decision by the planning commission. This intersection is already a nightmare and the chance of getting a stop light to control traffic isn't feasible. What is wrong with these people? Do they even live here?

Anonymous said...

Trump wants to give out vouchers to pay parents to send their kids to schools like these. Some day there will not be a need for public schools.

Anonymous said...

will we have to finance road improvements for them here to like the turning lane installed at South Drive three years ago and the new one for the Catholic school on 104? Churches pay no taxes.

Anonymous said...

If these are really Wilson's cronies then I imagine we will be doing a lot for them.
Maybe this is why she wants to hire 34 more employees.

Anonymous said...

She has to hand out favors to all her friends! She the power broker now!

Of course, these are friends of the mayor, her friends send their kids to private schools, and all the wives hang around the bookstore drinking coffee and telling fake news. Do you hear this, did you hear that, oh my, oh my!

Too much money flowing around town, she loves running with the high rollers!

Publisher said...

Lets not get too repetitive with the comments ... please.

Ben Gall said...

These anonymous comments in this thread are form sad and cowardly people. If you have critical remarks on the mayor or anybody else at least mention your name. Without your name the comment has not any value.

Anonymous said...

Hwy98 needs to be six lanes as soon as possible to handle all the new traffic .

Anonymous said...

We may or may not be "cowardly people" as you claim but it does not change the fact Ms. Wilson has been a disappointing failure so far and an embarrassment for our city.

Publisher said...

Repetitious comments will not be posted.

Anonymous said...

If we published our name then the mayor could find a way to attack uu for being critical. Being allow to remain anonymous allow more to really state their feels for freely.

Anonymous said...

this does not pass the smell test....

Anonymous said...

Was talking to someone today in the checkout line at Publix, they voted for the mayor, and he stated she has been a disappointment.

His wife stated she didn't vote for here given her lack of experience,

They both said they wanted the mayor to get along better with others, they were tired of hearing all of the ongoing bickering and finger pointing, he said the election was over.

I asked questions and listened.

Anonymous said...

I am constantly amazed at the people who need to repeat a high school civics class or at least learn to use google.
You do realize the planning commission is appointed by the city council AND the mayor?
Try being informed instead of just having an opinion.

Publisher said...

Planning Commission members are appointed by the mayor only -- for six year terms.

In addition, one city could member serves on the commission: currently it rotates yearly.

Anonymous said...

From the City of Fairhope website:

"The Planning Department staff works closely with the Fairhope Planning Commission, a body of volunteer citizens appointed by the Mayor and City Council to review development proposals within the City of Fairhope and within our planning jurisdiction."

Six year terms would tell anyone with a modicum of intelligence that these are leftovers from a previous administration.

Publisher said...

Mayor Wilson has appointed four new planning commission members replacing those who have resigned or left for other reasons.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!! Thanks!

John Adams said...

The recent interest in local, regional and national politics is amazing, just wish those that make the comments would have paid better attention in their civics classes. Maybe a quick Google search and the patience to read a few(not asking for a lot, just a few) articles to make educated comments would be nice.