Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gov. Organizational Meeting Held

Nov. 3rd, 2008: Judge Jim Reid arrived late (his" bus was late") gave the Oath of Office to "protect and defend" the Constitutions and Laws of the United States and Alabama. There was (another) photo-op for "Willie Bean" and "Finn McCool" with the Mayor. Portraits were given to outgoing Gentle and Christenberry. Christenberry said he'd put his "in the back at his store." Debbie Quinn was elected Council President(1yr term) on a 4-1 voice vote. Ford dissented, citing "political differences." Quinn remarked the "Mayor and Council-members have to put devisive politics behind and work togethar to move the City forward." The new Council Procedures Ordiance had to be laid over till next meeting due to numerous objections by Councilman Ford, citing worries about "change just for change's sake." Councilman/attorney Rick Kingrea later countered-- saying the changes being made now "should have been made 4 years ago" to fully comply with State Laws. Kingrea also suggested work sessions be held in Council Chambers rather than in a back room to encouage more citizen participation. Lonnie Mixon observed the Mayor's new role is "the face" of the city or "flagbearer." Various Committe assignments were made: Notably, Lonnie Mixon to the Finance, Budget and Audit Committee Quinn proposed forming "study groups" to work on the most contentious issues: growth outside city limits; finances; judicial; public safety-- and solicited citizen volunteers to help. Wine and cheese was available afterwards in the lobby--which was much appreciated, especially the former


Anonymous said...

I hope Lonnie Mixon will be able to end the secrecy and guesswork about city finances and let the people know exactly how every penny's being spent. Some folks down there have been acting like it's THEIR money, not OURS.

That would go a long way towards restoring trust and confidence in our leadership.

BrokeTaxpayer said...

A lot of City Workers don't like Quinn much because they think she might block some of the big bonuses and pay-raises the Mayor and Counclman Ford promised them before the last election.

Anonymous said...

old Mike fords right, a womans place is home takin care of there husband an young uns not tryin to boss people arond like Hilary.