Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Airport Authority Meeting (Dec. 16, 2008)

The meeting began with Chairman Charles Zunk's facetious comment: "The problem with public meetings is the public shows up." Then: (1) The Authority members unanimously voted to award a $3,500 contract to Wetland Sciences Inc.-- for a preliminary mitigation plan study that could eventually establish a "wetlands bank" on airport property-- as a source of future revenue (the proposed wetlands are in the photo's foreground); (2) Voted to award a contract for painting faded runway markings/lines ($28,219); (3) Zunk advised the Authority it has the right under state law to impose zoning regulations upon land surrounding the airport--to "protect the airport against intrusions."; (4) The "Festival of Flight"--usually held every Spring--has been canceled due to lack of funding; (4) Member Bassett reported an Aviation Training Academy was to be started at the North Hanger (2010?)--mostly for county high school students--if funding can be found; (5) Zunk revealed the planned new General Aviation Terminal (52K sq ft) will cost about $500,000-- and the State(ALDOT) should fund 50%(matching funds); (6) The Treasurer reported revenue down $11,000 due to increased debt service; (7) The Authority voted unanimously to ask the City Council to authorize a transfer of "un-usable" FAA funds ($21,102) to the City of Elba's airport. It was also mentioned the Authority may be eligible for some of the new Obama Administration's "infrastructure improvement program" funds-- if it becomes a reality next year.


FDR said...

Seems strange all these Republicans going to Obama begging for handouts. Nobody around here's gonna vote for h im in 4 years either.

rideabike said...

i dont think we need a big airport anyway. I read we gave them $8 million to buy that land back in 07, and $500, 000 every year just to keep the thing going.

should of spent it on sidewalks, bikepaths, intersections in town to help ordinary people

broketaxpayer said...

its a boondoggle!