Monday, December 22, 2008

City Council Meeting (Dec. 22, 2008)

At the prior work session: 1. The new franchise agreement with Mediacom Cable was discussed. No major changes were anticipated. It's franchise fees generate $135,000/yr. for the city. 2. New Senior Center fees were discussed. Director Sherry Sullivan said there were 1600 members who currently pay $15/yr. and that increasing them to $20/yr would not be out of line; but that (added $8,000/yr.) would be "just a drop in the bucket" toward covering their expenses. Further cutbacks (closing earlier, sharing employees--were also mentioned) 3. Council President Quinn said the city's financial situation would require "hard choices to be made" down the line; and Finance Chairman Mixon agreed more cut-backs would be needed. Councilman Ford was not present for the work session Council Meeting: 1. Finance Chairman Mixon reported "income down across the board" and that he had discussed with the Mayor further 5-10% cuts that may be needed in all City Departments (Jan. 12th). 2. The Monthly Financial Report was given by Reporter Rose Fogarty and Treasurer Nancy Wilson: November revenue fell short of expenses by $540,099 and overall fiscal year-to-date revenue is in the red by $816,727. (Increased salaries, maintenance needs, and decreased water usage were cited as some major factors) (CLICK ON DOCUMENT ABOVE ) 3. Senior Center Fees were raised from 15 to $20/yr --by a unanimous vote. 4. RESOLVED that all bids put out in the name of the City must be approved first by the Finance Committee (Council). Passed unanimously. 5. Resolved not to consider purchasing some property (corner Fairhope Ave. and Section St.) for park space-- at this time (at the "asking price")--due to what President Quinn called "tight funding" . Passed unanimously. Public Participation: Parker Rd. resident Paul Ripp again asked for answers to questions he'd been asking for "7 months" concerning alleged "mistakes made by the developers" (tree removal, traffic problems, etc.) of the Publix Grocery complex. Coucilman Rick Kingrea said he'd already met with Ripp and Council President Quinn offerred to do so; but City Attorney Wynne urged caution "because of ongoing related litigation" (Dyas Triangle Lawsuit). Mayor Kant was on the agenda to "discuss board appointments and meetings"-- but was not present for any of the meeting.


brokeutilitycustomer said...

seems like the Mayor's nowhere to be found when there's bad news: throws his girls to the dogs instead (Rose, Nancy, and of course, Jenny)

chillydipper said...

just raise the green fees at the golf course to make it break even. its a no brainer! dont raise our taxes or utility costs to subsidize---golf!! (or other sports)

slapmyface said...

we wouldn't want to throw Jenny to the dogs--outta save her, she's too cute!