Saturday, December 20, 2008

Eastern Shore Trail Completion

Bids are being solicited for completion of the final leg of the Eastern Shore Trail--from the Grand Hotel to HWY 32. The expected completion date has not been announced. The project--conceived by The Baldwin County Trailblazers in the mid 1990s-- is publicly/privately funded; and is planned to eventually extend all the way to Gulf Shores (and elsewhere in the County).


suzy q said...

guess theyll ask Barack for money to help build it too. might have a chance, those tree huggers go for things like it

rideabike said...

funny how the "stimulus" checks Bush wrote everybody last Spring (to spend on junk at Wal Mart)--weren't considered "pork" by some local politicians--but Obama's Infrastructure building plan is (pork, but they'll take it anyway)!

Some would call it hypocrisy (or maybe just plain ole politics)