Thursday, December 11, 2008

Strategic Planning Committee Meets

see: (for more photos) The Strategic Planning Committee met today in the Nix Center. Chuck Zunk (former Chairman and member of the original Governmental Structure Committee) presented his views of the Committees's primary tasks. Noting that the City's Comprehensive Growth Plan includes no financial planning element at all, Zunk opined that the Committee's job was to "act as a steering committee" to facilitate sound long range city financial planning. He went on to emphasize the necessary participation of all "stakeholders" in the community (citizens, businesses, Dept. Managers, politicians, etc.)-- for a satisfactory outcome. The consensus of the Committee seemed to be they were too few: more help was needed from "facilitators" out in the community to accomplish its goals; and an appeal was to be made to those who have the time/inclination. The need to make the city walkable/bikeable and a possible full time Fire Dept. were topics mentioned. City Planner Greg Mims reported the Mayor directed him to relay that a "utility rate study" (gas, water, sewer, electric) was underway as well. Another meeting was scheduled for next week, 2:30PM Nix Center.


brokeutilitycustomer said...

no politician ever did a utility rate study without intending to raise them, i can tell you that. who's doing these "studies" anyway and what criteria are they using? some pencil pushin computer nerd in an ivory tower in Birmingham or Atlanta? Nobody ever asked me if i wanted another rate hike, thats for sure!

just lay off some city workers and cut spending instead.

broketaxpayer said...

hidden tax hikes are a comin. bet your bottom dollar on it! pay for all those those cushy salaries and benefits!

mamamia said...

Comes as a shock to me we haven't had any real financial planning all this time. Guess they were just flipping coins. Heads I win, tails you lose!

Anonymous said...

why don't they put it to a vote of the people whether we want to raise our own utility rates to pay for all this new stuff --rather than being so sneaky about it?