Saturday, January 31, 2009

Elected Officials' Annual Reports Available

Federally required Annual Financial Reports-- for elected local officials-- are now available for public viewing online at the Baldwin County Website (; then, /Probate/Elections/FCPA Reports). Losing Candidates are not required to file. Imac's cannot download the files (more than the first page) unless using Windows OS. The FCPA (Federal Corrupt Practices Act) was enacted in 1910-- to provide additional election/government "transparency." (visit the website for additional pages)


mamamia said...

be interesting to see what those people get in return for all that money--if anything.

Anonymous said...

seems to me like its bad judgement for our city judge to keep giving $s to the guy who appoints him- not a good idea

Dear Hunter said...

Just Say No when the big landowners come calling wanting their projects approved against our Comprehensive Planning. Its that simple.