Monday, January 5, 2009

Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting (Jan. 5, 2009)

The Commission: 1.At City attorney Gill's request, the Commissioners first went into Executive Session to discuss pending litigation concerning item 2. 2.Approved unanimously the re-subdivision (BES Inc.) of lot 3, block 3 in the Bay Meadows neighborhood (N. of Derby LN & E. of Thompson Hall Rd.). Prior, two citizens/neighbors expressed concerns about possible neighborhood "covenant" violations, septic tank (downhill) seepage, and road maintenance. One person spoke in favor (Paul Ripp) --citing that 2 lots there had already been so sub-divided. Planner Gregg Mims said on Aug 6, 2007--staff had recommended approval. Cmish. Stankoski asked about the road maintenance and Cmish. Jenny Fidler replied it (road) was indeed a "city road" (maintained). [Note: At the Aug. 6, 2007 P & Z meeting (item SD07-27), apparently the same "Sedera Darby" Subdivision was denied with 2 dissenting votes (did not comply with the Comprehensive Plan) as was the "Paul Ripp Subdivision" (item SD07-26). City Planner Mims recommended approval of both at the time. (See the minutes on the City website)] Commission Members Kant, Clark, & Brinson were absent from that meeting. 3.Heard an informal plat review for a possible new Medical Park on E. Gayfer Rd. Extension (near Greeno)-- across from the Arbor Gates Apartments entrance (PHOTO UPPER LEFT). The Bay Minnette developer/landowner sought Commission opinions on re-zoning the 10 acres from R-5 to a PUD (Medical/Professional). Dr. Daryl Wells-- of Medical Park OB/GYN -- said his group possibly would like to locate there , as well as others (EMD Solutions Inc., et al), in order to expand (according to Wells, Baldwin County is short 4-6 OB/GYN physicians). The reception was mixed-- ranging from Bob Clark's, "It looks like sprawl", to Lee Turner's supportive, "We need to do all we can to keep medical . . . in Fairhope." Cmish. Fran Slade wanted to "see the proposed hospital overlay district" prior to passing judgement (planning staff said it had not yet begun working on it). Dick Charles questioned its size (57, 000 sq ft.) and Gary Moore--"citing the city's 53rd and 54th banks nearby"(commercial)-- was not "completely against it." Ms. Fidler was "not opposed" but had concerns about size, density and drainage as well. Mayor Kant said the "Council" wanted to work with the medical community and noted any zoning change would have to be approved by it (Council); but that the Mayor (now) had no vote there [Note: the Mayor still has veto authority over any council decision]. Chair Jean Wilson--citing past experience-- wanted more solicitation of comments from adjoining Rosa Acres residents. 4.Heard a presentation by the developer of Dogwood Subdivision in S. Fairhope (Dogwood Ave.)-- who may want to seek height (35ft.)/setback(35ft) variances for 2 new houses to be constructed this Spring (PUD?). Developer Thomas Toombs cited poor economic conditions for possibly having to seek the changes. Bob Clark--citing the ease of plan tinkering and change -- expressed his contempt for PUDs in general, calling them "an idea whose time has not come." ADDENDUM: The new, so called "Bones and Babies" clinic on the SW corner of Greeno and Gayfer is slated to open in Feb. (according to employees). [legitimate corrections welcomed]


Good Girl said...

people sure have a lot of babies around here, dont they?

lusecanon said...

A Vice President of BES Inc.-- a Gerald G. Keehn-- contributed $500.00 to Mayor Kant's re-election campaign on 1/17/08, according to campaign finance records available at the courthouse-- and the company's website.

Anonymous said...

now that the City Council's in charge of city personnel, maybe Jennifer Fidler will be able to get out from under the Mayor's domination.