Thursday, January 29, 2009

Strategic Planning Committee Meets (Jan. 29)

The Committee met today at the Nix Center to discuss progress made-- and brainstorm future strategy. Some of the items mentioned were: (1) The City could take advantage of the current state of the national economy to save money (using low interest rates to buy vehicles and refinance debt, etc). (2)The urgency of some approaching garbage/trash/recycling issues--as mentioned at last Monday's City Council Meeting. (3) The new Volanta Recreation Center potentially being leased to Thomas Hospital (by the Recreation Dept.)-- as their new "Wellness Center". (4) The golf Course may be closing for 3 months-- to renovate it's greens (thus generating no revenue). (5) City utilities will be a "big ticket" item (costs). (6) The library has a good 5 year plan already; was ahead of all other Depts. (7) It was agreed to finish personnel "mission statements" by the next meeting; and start the "SWOT" analysis (see earlier posting here). legitimate corrections appreciated


broketaxpayer said...

Great , Replacing greens at the golf course is our #1 priority, huh. How many millions is that going to cost us?

Anonymous said...

Guess we just spent $2.8 million to build a rec. center for the hospital. what a croc. somebody's got good connections there.

mamamia said...

some people can't live without golf for 3 months