Monday, February 2, 2009

Planning & Zoning Meeting (Feb 2)

At this evening's P and Z meeting: (1) East Fairhope Plaza preliminary plat approval request. The 56.3 acre Wal Mart property was requested to be subdivided into 4 lots: the largest being 51.4 and smallest 1.3 acres. Staff recommended approval-- conditional upon submittal of : a grounds maintenance plan ; a drainage compliance letter; electrical certification (which provider); no new HWY 181 access permitted; and finished final floor elevations must be included on the plat. A resident of nearby River Mill Subdivision spoke about his concerns about maintaining the vegetative buffer around the property and ensuring continued good drainage. Commissioner Stankoski commented he was under the impression (since 3 years ago) the property could not be subdivided-- but City Planner Smith answered that was true originally (before the store was built); but-- for technical reasons -- that no longer applies (it can now be subdivided). Chairperson Wilson expressed concerns that there was no drainage compliance letter yet submitted. Commissioner Fidler insisted that finished floor elevations be set (on plat); and--referring to a letter sent to all Commissioners from a Mrs. Wood implying the city "promised" 3 yrs. ago not to subdivide the property--asked staff if any such promises were made. Planner Smith replied : "I'm not aware of any." Bob Clark also referred to the Wood letter and asked the Mayor to clarify. The Mayor replied there were no promises made not to subdivide and "we don't go by promises, we go by contracts." Commissioner Charles asked who would provide electric service to the new lots and was told by Smith that both Fairhope Electric and BEMC would do so (proportions not worked out yet). Commissioner Turner made a motion to approve, Charles seconded-- and the motion carried with one dissenting vote (Wilson, over drainage concerns). (2) A request by the Gas Dept. to run a gas line down HWY 13 was approved. (3) Paul Ripp spoke about his continuing concerns with the Publix project under construction on N. Greeno. Rd. legitimate corrections appreciated


Panther Maniac said...

since when is a promise not a contract

Anonymous said...

no telling whats going in there. probably a gas station

Anonymous said...

Paul Ripp seems to keep turning up everywhere