Saturday, March 14, 2009

Drainage Basin Offered to City

According to the City's Environmental Advisory Board, the Morphy Ave drainage basin (just east of the Winn Dixie/Baldwin Square Shopping Center) has been offered to the City, plus $5,000 for an engineering study, by its current owners, if the City will agree to make the needed improvements (enlargement, dredging, aerators, oil/water separator, et al) and take over maintenance. The cost of the improvements was not revealed. The basin--part of the Weeks Bay Watershed-- is said to now be 74% over-capacity due to rapid development in the area.


Anonymous said...

theres too much asphalt parking there. there used to be oleandar plants to soak up the rain.

PJ said...

the Morphy Ave bridge is sure to get wiped out some day. the road. already floods there.

einstein said...

Why coulnd't the air space over those basins be put to some good public use. Construct a platform of some kind. I've seen it done elsewhere.