Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Electrical Emergency Declared

After hearing a damage report from Electric Superintendent Scott Sligh Monday night, the Mayor/Council decided a State of Emergency was needed -- to legally expedite the bid process to replace the equipment destroyed by fire last week(Morphy Ave Substation). The cost was estimated by Sligh to be about $457K for entirely new equipment-- or $380K for patchwork repairs. The Mayor also recommended the "overhead wiring" be replaced in the area along Morphy as well(possibly not of proper size). When asked by Councilman Kingrea where the money would come from, the Mayor replied, ". . . probably from the Water Fund." Sligh added an "autopsy" was to be done to determine the exact cause of the failure-- and that much other electrical equipment all over town is old and in need of upgrade to avert similar future problems. The transformer that burned had to be operated at 114% of capacity last July, Sligh added.


Anonymous said...

huh, i thought we just raised the water rates in order for it to break even? something's fishy here.

B's Famly said...

something like this and the shortage of police are serious issues, people's lives are being put at risk. How bout giving all the phony politics a time out and solve these problems ASAP. Now's the time for statesmen, not phony, flip-flopping politicians.

There 'll be time for the Games later.

Old Fairhoper said...

The frail old folks could be at risk this Summer if the equipment's all worn out. They can't stand the heat without air conditioning