Monday, March 16, 2009

Triathlon Funding Withheld

Citing budgetary concerns, the City Council recently delayed contributing to fund the upcoming annual Grand Man Triathlon, usually based at the Fairhope Pier Rose Garden. Casi Callaway (Exec. Director of the sponsor, Mobile Baykeepers) is asking the City for a $1000 donation, and to subsidize the cost the 14 police officers needed to monitor traffic on the race course--as well as set-up/clean-up help-- as needed. Finance Chairman Lonnie Mixon summarized the concerns with, "I don't see how we can have the police do overtime" and ". . . have to say no without some firmer numbers." Council President Quinn then asked Calloway to get with the relevant Dept. Heads to "hash thing out" and re-submitt the request at the next Council Meeting. Callaway said the event nets between $60-70K in profits annually for the organization and that there were 482 "racers" participating last year.

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