Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Utility Rates Increased 20%

At Monday night's Council meeting, by unanimous vote, the Mayor/Council increased water/sewer rates by approximately 20% (Administrator's figure); and similar future increases were scheduled for this Oct. and "next year"--according to City Administrative Assistant James Gillespe. After a question from Councilman Kingrea, Gillispe said the increase would allow the Water system to break even, but not the Sewage-- hence the future increases. Previously announced numbers for the hikes are: $2/mo for the first 2000 gallons of water; $3/mo for the first 2000 of sewer (only $2 outside the city limits). Earlier in the meeting (during a sales tax discussion), Councilman Mike Ford reiterated his position: "People aren't paying enough for City services." The increases will be effective April 1, 2009. The Council also gave the Mayor/Clerk the authority to raise the rates(water/sewer) in the future--without a public hearing(but only after privately notiifying the Council). [legitimate corrections appreciated]


Anonymous said...

back to the same old secrecy, eh-- i thought we were going to have a more transparent/open government?

Jag Dad said...

if we had a sales tax on tourists they wouldn't have to be raising our rates so much all the time! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ford's right, they ought to be raising all of our utility rates to pay the bills off instead of all this sales tax talk! That's the way its always been done here. If you all don't like it, move somewhere else.