Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Young St. Park Naming Controversy

At a recent government meeting, Fairhope resident Calvin Hunt requested the city's Young St. Park (Boys and Girls Club, near Twin Beech Rd.) be cleaned up and re-named the Chester A Hunt Sr. Memorial Park--after its (alleged) founder--and an appropriate park name sign erected there. Afterwards though, former resident Willie Williams--who still has deep family ties in the neighborhood--objected, claiming many (including his father) were responsible for the park's establishment (not just one); and the park's name should remain the same (Young St. Park). Mr. Hunt also said he had raised over $600 in donations for much needed new playground equipment. The Council decided the Mayor should research the park's history further to determine the appropriate course of action (re-naming?).


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a tempest in a teapot!!

Pirate Proud said...

how many gyms do we need anyway?