Thursday, April 30, 2009

Citizen Calls for Special Financial Audit

Pointing to what he called the many conflicting statements made by the Mayor and City Financial Officers in the past year, Single Tax Corporation Vice President and former Mayoral candidate Dean Mosher has called upon the City Council to open the City's financial books to an "third party" independent auditor. Calling it "auditing 101", Mosher questioned the effectiveness of the usual process -- auditors (hired by the Mayor) just relying on the limited information provided by City Financial Officers--to provide a realistic financial picture to the Citizens (and without including professional critical analysis as well, he added). He also cited the Mayor's recent statement (State of the City Address) that cutting garbage service to once weekly would save only $25, 000/yr.-- when in fact City Staff estimates a $250,000/yr. saving-- as additional evidence of inconsistencies. Mosher reminded the Council: " Everyone up there, except one (Ford), ran for election promising financial transparency" and concluded, "there may be a way to accomplish the new audit at no cost to the City."


Anonymous said...

why not? lets find out exactly where we stand. who'd object to that?

Tiny doll said...

we wouldn't need a Mayor or Council if all we have to do is take a poll to decide everything.

The Berrys said...

This guy's the Pork King. Brags about it to get elected. Its funny to hear him talk about budget cuts now. Guess he figures nobody's paying attention.

Broke Utility's right, higher utility rates are what he's got in mind. Maybe property taxes too.

christian jerick Go said...

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