Wednesday, April 8, 2009

City Competes for Sewer Service

The City is competing with privately owned Baldwin County Sewer Service to provide sewer service, generally south of town in the Airport/Barnwell area--all the way down to the Key Allegro Mobile Home Park on HWY 98. At Monday's Planning and Zoning meeting, both were given the ok to run the necessary pipes; but the City's attorney present commented that the City Council will ultimately decide who will provide the service-- based on "the consideration of outside agreements or contracts." [ Planning and Zoning Commission Chair Jean Wilson suggested they "may want to have a 'cage' fight instead!"] At least one member of the City Council has previously expressed concern about how the pipeline extension (to Key Allegro) was to be funded by the City.

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The Berrys said...

uh oh, smells like another gigantic controversy brewing. we've got enough now.