Saturday, April 18, 2009

City to Start Mosquito Control Program

This Summer the City will begin using available County tax dollars ($24,960) for a mosquito control program based upon the publication: How to Start a Mosquito Control Program in Your Town Alabama. Public Work's Director Fiddler advised residents to be sure and drain all standing water regularly (bird baths, pots, tires, etc ) or use larvacide. Mosquitos can breed every 96 hours in as little as 1/4 inch of water, according to Fidler. The money was available in past years as well-- but the City never cashed the check (from a $2 per person annual tax imposed by the County several years prior).


Jane Doe said...

that's a mean lookin skeeter! :(

Anonymous said...

I was of the impression the city has sprayed several times over the years, how is this a new occurence?

lusecanon said...

Apparently the city has never used the available county tax funds for the mosquito spraying. According to the Public Works Director-- the checks(from the county) were not cashed(at least last year's) for some unknown reason.