Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Utility Rate Hikes in Effect

The 20% Water/Sewer utility rate hike recently passed by the Mayor and Council goes into effect today. Future hikes may be made without public notification--according to the new ordinance


Anonymous said...

tell me again why higher and higher utility rates on ourselves are better than a sales tax that gets out of towners to contribute to city revenue.

who are these people who insist on turning down the free millions? must be rich!

Roll Tide said...

Let's hope our 3 grown up Coucilmen will be able to rise above the political muck, put a tax on tourists/out of towners and get some relief for us utility customers. Otherwise, the sky's the limit on our rates! :(

Anonymous said...

why no gigantic town hall meeting on this, huh. where's the outcry? they're about to hire new people and open the gigantic recreation center on Volanta.

Sales tax, utility hike--dont matter. it all comes from the same place(my wallet)

i dont trust em anymore down there