Thursday, May 21, 2009

City to Seek Partnerships With Neighbors?

City leaders are discussing "pooling resources" with neighboring cities Daphne and Spanish Fort to eliminate repetitive bureaucracies-- and lower the costs for public services. Property insurance, employee benefits, getting aid/grants, public transit, sidewalks, trash/garbage collection and disposal, and recycling were all areas where cooperation could reduce the individual costs for each City. Councilman Kingrea suggested possibly combining efforts on a new C and D landfill (construction/debris)--since ours is about full. "Regional recycling is the way to go", according to Council President Quinn (referring to how recycling has become a money loser for cities in the current economic downturn).


Anonymous said...

makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

why not consider merging some utilities or fire and police too. might lower costs and taxes for citizens. there used to be a eastern shore fire dept.