Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mayor Schedules Press Conference

Mayor Kant has scheduled a press conference for (Tuesday) June 9, 2009 at 8AM regarding City finances. The Public is also invited to attend and submit questions. According to the statement on the City's website ( City staff will be on hand to explain their various financial policies and answer questions as well. Recently, a number of prominent citizens have questioned the Administration's seemingly contradictory reporting of City finances during the past years; and some have requested an independent "special audit" be performed (by neutral, outside financial experts) to clear the air and set citizens' minds at ease. At least one prominent City Councilmember however, has expressed concerns over the high estimated cost of such a review-- in times of tight City budgets (estimated at well over $100,000). (Publisher's Note: The Sunshine Review, a non-profit organization dedicated to government transparency/accountability, has begun a Fairhope page. See []-- and search for Fairhope-- or click here.)


Anonymous said...

I'd like somebody to explain how the "fuel adjustment" charge on our electric bills is calculated.

JagDad said...

8AM Tuesday? Hope he's not expecting a big turnout!