Monday, June 29, 2009

Bike/Walking Paths Coming to Highway 181?

Calling it the "first step in a long journey", a representative from the Smart Coast Organization made a (work session) presentation asking the City Council to contact ALDOT about its proposal to build sidewalks/bike paths/trails along HWY 181 through Fairhope--when that road is widened to four lanes (from CR 64 to CR 32). According to the spokesman, no contract has yet been let for the Fairhope section and ALDOT has been very positive/co-operative so far (turned over plans, shown a "willingness to listen") --but a preliminary review must be completed soon by the Planning and Zoning Commission, to at least reserve parts of the rights of way for the proposed sidewalks/trails. Later, the Council authorized the Mayor to send a letter of City support to ALDOT. The City of Daphne was to be contacted as well by Smart Coast for inclusion in the project-- within their planning jurisdiction along 181, north of Fairhope. Start of construction on this segment of HWY 181 is still at least 2 or 3 years away, according to recent media reports.


Bike Rider said...

that's something that's sorely needed. Real important

Anonymous said...

i might be too old to ride a bicycle by the time hwy 181 is widened.