Saturday, June 13, 2009

Citizen Plans Lawsuit Against City

At the last Council meeting, Parker Rd. resident and frequent "Publix" critic (aka The Shoppes at Fairhope Village) Paul Ripp said he plans to sue the city-- for mistakes he alleges were made during the development of the project (building height, landscaping violations etc.). Ripp cited "no accountability" and that despite his numerous complaints over the last 11 months, "the city (has been) totally moot." "I plan on pursuing a lawsuit immediately . . . you won't be hearing from me from now on," Ripp concluded. According to recently released records, the city has incurred over $3 million in legal fees since 2006.


Anonymous said...

is that lawsuit # 3 or 4?

Anonymous said...

I heard the former property owner may be donating some land on Parker Rd. for a new fire station. That may have something to do with the whole mess if it turns out to be true.

mamamia said...

its not such a bad thing we wont be hearing him anymore