Monday, June 1, 2009

City Leaders Talk Trash/Garbage Collection

At the last Council meeting, the Mayor and City Council discussed possible changes to the City's garbage/trash collection services to save money and comply with all applicable state regulations. According to Public Works Director Jennifer Fidler, once weekly garbage pickup would save the City $250,000 annually; and about $25,000 for the remainder of this fiscal year (If begun on Aug. 3rd as she requested). Fidler went on to recommend changing garbage routes to the same day as recycling/ trash pickup; and suggested studying rate changes according to the size of the cans used. Also, separating organic (grass,limbs,etc.) from non-organic (metal, plastic, etc.) trash at the curb, will be necessary to comply with state regulations (Fidler:"Its not a choice anymore, we have to separate it") ; and a charge for picking up large appliances may be needed. "We have to take the time to pull the freon from refrigerators . . . its costly and time consuming," added Fidler. Councilman Ford-- concerned about the "smell"-- suggested twice weekly garbage pickup in Summer and once in Winter may be more appropriate, despite the additional costs. It was decided to lay over the Ordinances until the next meeting-- for further study by the Trash/Recycle Committee. The City's waste collection services chronically operate in the red-- and increased expenses loom ahead when the City's landfill reaches capacity later this year.

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War Eagle said...

i only put out garbage once a week now, its no problem.