Wednesday, June 3, 2009

City Plans to Extend Sewer Lines?

City leaders have decided to purchase the materials necessary to extend sewer lines down to the Gaineswood, Silverwood and Key Allegro residential subdivisions-- south of the city (Barnwell area). Tap and other connection fees for neighborhood area residents are still being worked out. A competing private sewer company--Baldwin County Sewer Service-- has the Planning and Zoning Commission's permission to serve these neighborhoods as well, but needs the City's permission to cross HWY 181 (per a previous agreement) to provide the service. The City has also decided to show pertinent sewer system operational records to BCSS--on condition of a strict confidentiality agreement--so the company can move forward with its proposal to make a firm offer to purchase the City's entire system. Councilman Kingrea: "Right now, I'm against it; but they might make us an offer we can't refuse." The City's Sewer and Water systems chronically operate in the red.

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