Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mayor/City Attorney at Odds Over New Administrator Position

At the last Council meeting, Mayor Kant argued against filling the vacant City Administrator position (currently being advertised "in house")-- claiming he (or she) "doesn't work under the Mayor" and it will "lead to confusion." Longtime City Attorney Tut Wynne, however, disagreed: "The Administrator works for the Mayor under state law," no matter the verbiage of the local ordinance creating the position. Council President Quinn said that in at least six private conversations in past months about the position-- the Mayor expressed his approval and called it "a good thing."


Anonymous said...

the mayor must be getting dizzy with all the flip flops. he says one thing and then changes his wording before the ink is dry.

Shellback said...

We desperately need a city administrator, to take the politics out of daily city operations. If you're not on the Mayor or councilman Ford's "A" list, you might as well forget about getting good city services now.

irisheyes said...

cant anybody agree on anything?