Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No Progress Made on Some Additional Spending Cuts

At last night's Council meeting, the Mayor and Trash/Recycling Committee (via Councilman Ford) reported they had made no progress on the various cost saving estimates the City Council had requested at its last meeting (May 26th). The proposed measures discussed previously included a possible 4 day (10 hr) work week for some City employees (warehouse) and once weekly garbage service. Councilman Ford (whose Committee was tasked with studying the garbage issue as early as last February) questioned the need for any more cuts-- citing the recently adopted sales tax; and the Mayor said he hadn't had the time to study the issues yet. Previously the Mayor had estimated a $16,000/mo saving for once weekly garbage pickup; but there may be a one time "start-up" cost (of unknown proportions)-- to provide bigger containers for those residents who may need them. Afterwards, the future yearly savings were estimated to be $250,000 by Public Works Director Fidler. Councilman Stankoski had previously commented: "We need firm numbers." "The Public has told us they want a leaner, meaner government," surmised Council President Quinn recently. Quinn said she would try and "get with Jennifer" (Fidler) herself, to try and work out the exact garbage cost-saving details-- before the next Council meeting


Anonymous said...

why all the foot dragging?

Marcus said...

I wish it were just foot dragging. It's incompetence.

Captin Curly said...

Old Mike Ford don't like taking orders from womenfolk!