Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Canadians Causing Beach Problems

Monday night, after the Council approved a franchise agreement allowing the installation of two "childproof" bird/duck feeders at the duck pond, Councilmen Ford and Stankoski said they had received complaints about the mess (feces) being made there by "too many geese." High levels of fecal coliform are frequently discovered in the bay nearby. Ford: "We ought to control geese like cats (referring to the Cat Coalition's spay and neutering of feral cats residing nearby)." Stankoski: "I agree." Besides being called a "public nuisance" in many communities nationwide, Canadian Goose overpopulation has been implicated in numerous airplane crashes as well (engine ingestion).


Anonymous said...

what a stinking mess they make!

Anonymous said...

a couple of shot guns ought to take care of that

Leslie said...

For the record, they are Canada, not Canadian, geese. Sportsmen bring them in to stock their private hunting clubs and lodges. Communities obtain them because they look pretty in the ponds. They reproduce and stay put because all their needs are met and they have no reason to migrate.