Thursday, July 2, 2009

Franchise Agreements to be Simplified

After discovering some micro businesses have been long operating on City property without the required contracts, the Council has asked the City Attorney to come up with a simplified document (vice the complex, 20+ page attorney contracts used for cable, phone and other such corporations). City Attorney Wynne: " Any time city property is used for a private purpose there must be a contract." Micro businesses operating on city property that may be affected would include: soft drink machines; kayak rentals; coin-op pier binoculars; proposed duck pond feeders; horse and buggy rides, etc. City sponsored events such as the farmers market and art festivals, and businesses already having leases (i.e. Yardarm Restaurant on Pier) would not be included--according to Wynne. Some Council members--citing the added "ambiance" and citizen services-- expressed their desire to keep any application fees to a minimum. "Our goal is to obey the (state) law," surmised Wynne.

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Anonymous said...

obey the law, thats a good 'goal' to have !