Monday, July 13, 2009

Greg Mims Named City Administrator

In what was called a budget-neutral, lateral transfer (no additional costs to city), current City General Superintendent Greg Mims was selected by the City Council to be the new City Administrator--beginning July 14th. Councilman Mixon said that there were two in-house applicants , but one pulled his application--leaving Mr. Mims; and that the Administrator's job will be to carry out the Council's policies under direction of the Mayor. Referring to the job description, Mim's advanced degrees (business,management,etc.), and previous experience in the Administrator's position with other cities, Council President Quinn called Mims more than qualified to do the job. After brief comments on Fairhope's new Strong Council form of Government by former District Attorney David Whetstone (who had been invited to speak by Mayor Kant)--it seemed to be agreed that under certain emergency circumstances (like hurricanes) the Mayor could act unilaterally (without Council approval)-- since the Council only meets periodically. In a mea culpa, Councilman Kingrea conceded he had mis-spoken at the last Council meeting when he said he believed the Administrator did not work directly under the Mayor. " I was mistaken about that . . . what I said last meeting was wrong." Mims thanked the Council for the promotion-- and said in his 26 year career he has done the job in two other cities-- but that his success really depended on "the six of you working together" (Council and Mayor). Mims cited facilitating better communication as a primary goal and added, "I'll do the best job I can." "I think I can make a difference."


Anonymous said...

poor guy's really on the hot seat!

Anonymous said...

now the mayor will have time to kiss babies, lead parades, find a place to put his boat at the fairhope yacht club and most of all, ribbon cuttings.

Jag Dad said...

Seems like common sense that someone like Mims with advanced college degrees in management, city planning, business, government and such will do a better job than just someone with just a landscape architecture degree (Kant). I just hope the good old boys and gals who didn't get their way this time won't stab Mims in the back some how.