Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Mayor's Boat" to Finally Set Sail?

After expressing liability-to-city concerns (hurricane surge, etc. ), at Monday's work session the City Council asked the Mayor to dispose of the boat (at one time docked at the Yacht Club parking lot) he had proposed buying last Winter from the State (to share with the private Club). After the City Council objected on ethical grounds, media reports at that time said the boat was to be returned to the state immediately. The Mayor indicated he had not been in communication with the state since January but to the best of his knowledge the boat had been moved several times to various places around the club; and if it could not be sold it would be "sold at auction." According to published reports last Winter, state laws dictated only a government entity could purchase the boat at that time. [Publishers note: Staff of the Times could not locate the boat at the Yacht club Wednesday (Jul 15)-- after exhaustive searching]

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its about time!