Friday, July 24, 2009

Mobile Baykeeper Asks City's Help

Casi Callaway of Mobile Baykeeper recently asked the City Council to "help enlist an independent engineer" (at city expense)- to review the drainage site plans for the controversial Shoppes at Fairhope Village project. The review would be primarily to determine if the retention basin is large enough according to Callaway. City Planner Johnathan Smith replied the engineer of record, Volkert, has already signed off that the basin is sufficient-- and in his opinion there was no reason not to trust their assessment. Callaway retorted: "You can't trust them because of the violations (that already have occurred)." When Councilman Kingrea asked Callaway if her organiztion would help pay for the engineering study she replied, "No, we don't do that sort of thing." Kingrea: "We have no money (to spare) . . . you need to pay for it." Council President Quinn expressed empathy-- but worried any such action by the city could open it up to lawsuits by the developer, since the plats have already been stamped/approved. Councilman Mixon summarized: "We have to go by the recommendations of our staff."


Anonymous said...

they need to pay for their own study!

Jag Dad said...

Looks plenty big to me. We'll see though.

Mobile Baykeeper said...

My favorite part of the discussion was when the Fairhope representative stated that they were in compliance. When asked for how long, he informed everyone of the new violation of rip rap IN THE WETLANDS. I think compliance meant as of today or hopefully tomorrow or maybe the day after!

Mobile Baykeeper believes Fairhope has a responsibility to insist the company prove their plans are sufficient for the long term. The costs should be borne by the company, not the citizens of Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

Well its funny how alot of people blame the water problems still running into Fly creek on Publix and not on the county where 13 is crossing the creek since they cut through all the forest to make the new road.