Monday, July 20, 2009

New Committee to Help Shape Next Year's Budget

A newly formed Financial Advisory Committee, consisting of 3 CPAs and others with corporate financial experience (all unpaid volunteers) , will be assisting the Council/Mayor in forming the next fiscal year's budget. According to Finance Chairman Lonnie Mixon, " To provide greater city government transparency . . . a Committee of experienced business people, subject to the Al. Open Meetings Act, . . . will serve at the pleasure of the council . . . to investigate/analyze all aspects of city finances taking into account recommendations made by the Strategic Planning Committee . . . and make recommendations to the City Council." Members include John Brown, Richard Kwaipel, Stan Grubin, Mac MacCauley, Marvin Wilder, Chuck Zunk , Tim Kant and the City Council (ex officio). Mixon: "A $60 million yearly budget is no small task to manage . . . a wide range of experience is needed." "Particular attention must be given to current/future debt and large capital outlays." The Council asked the Mayor/Administration to have their proposed new budget ready for review by no later than Sept 1st.


Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord our blundering landscape architect trained Mayor isnt trying to do it all himself anymore. He's been a disaster!

Anonymous said...

maybe now we can get out utilities back into the 21st century and stop robbing peter to pay paul.