Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Planning and Zoning Endorses "Complete Streets" Concept

After a presentation by the Complete Streets Committee of the Smart Coast organization, the Planning Commission unanimously recommended the City Council accept the Complete Streets concept at its next meeting. "You're preaching to the choir here," said Commissioner Lee Turner. A general "statement of intent" is needed immediately-- before applying for grants and approaching ALDOT about including sidewalks/bike lanes into the design of the HWY 181 widening project (currently in its final design phase), according to Smart Coast co-founder Wendy Allen. "We'd like for Fairhope to lead the way," commented Allen (planning to approach other cities to adopt the policy as well). The Bike/Sidewalk Committee was given the assignment of studying the issue city-wide, and drafting a more detailed/specific plan for its implementation. In usual cut-to-chase form, Commission Chairman Jean Wilson summarized, "We need to strike while the iron's hot."


Anonymous said...

sounds like a good idea to me

Anonymous said...

we ought to be builing more sidewalks instead of so many ball fields