Sunday, July 5, 2009

Proposed New Spending to Get "Paper Trail"

Finance Committee Chairman Mixon and Treasurer Nancy Wilson have proposed using what they call "green sheets" for "projected new projects, not yet approved (by the full Council), including how much it costs and where the money's to come from." Wilson added this will "expedite the (budget) process" and provide "a paper trail to get everybody on the same page." The first trial use of the new forms/method will be for Christmas lights (downtown trees) for FY 2010--which ship from China and so have to be bid out early. [A spokesman for the electric dept. said approximately half of the lights have to be replaced every year.]


Anonymous said...

get everybody on the same page. its about time don't you think?

Anonymous said...

as long as Lisa is doing this alone and not letting rose get to any of the paper work to change figures, this sounds like a great step forward. there's hope yet for honest government.