Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stricter Storm Water Laws Proposed

A new ordinance is being formulated for residential (new construction) storm water management-- based on so-called BMP (best management practices). The City's Environmental Officer, Kim Burmeister, calls the proposed new erosion and sedimentation control ordinance for single family residences near "critical" areas (wetlands, etc.)-- "stricter than ADEM's." As proposed, Burmeister is to be the inspector/enforcing officer-- and fines will be $500 per incident per day. When Councilman Mike Ford expressed worries the new ordinance may hurt developers, City Planner Johnathan Smith replied it (new ordinance) would only add about $250 to the cost of a typical new home-- and added, "we're trying to insure healthy growth." Smith: "It's ready to go unless you (City Council) have suggestions."


Captain Jack said...

Thats just like old Mike Ford, just thinking about his developer buddys all the time.

Anonymous said...

ford worried about all his wetland properties. time to worry about the common man.worry about nature being taken away.