Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cost of Sewer Line Extensions Finally Revealed

Responding to a prior request from the Council President, City Administrator Greg Mims pegged the cost to the City for extending sewer lines southward along HWY 98 ( to the Key Allegro Subdivision) as $191,000-- and along HWY 181 (to the Silverwood Subdivision) as $29,500--not including the labor provided by City crews. Mims went on to say there was only some "verbal interest" among residents to connecting to the HWY 181 project; but the owner of the Key Allegro mobile home park on HWY 98 has committed to paying the city about $80,000, donating land for a lift station, and connecting to all 70 of his lots (although he is in the process of selling out to his partner). Council President Quinn expressed concern about the up-front costs: "I hate the city putting in pipe without formal paperwork to insure somebody's going to hook up. . . like to see more specific numbers." Mayor Kant replied , "I'll be coming back at a later date with some numbers . . . and have a new plan I'll be submitting." The Mayor also revealed for the first time work on the HWY 98 project has already begun (based on a previous Finance Committee vote to purchase only the materials needed); and construction would begin as soon as the state "signs off on erosion control devices we have to install." Councilman Mixon: "One of the main purposes of this is for future growth to the south." [Some controversy arose recently concerning these projects when the Mayor awarded the "no-bid" engineering contracts without the Council's (Finance Committee's) required prior approval. The Mayor later apologized for his "mistake."]

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The Berrys said...

Well how about that. Hope our secretive Mayor will see fit to share with us lowly citizens more often. After all we're the ones paying for it all with higher sewer bills and taxes.