Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Council Passes Tougher Storm Water Runoff Law

At its first August meeting, the City Council adopted a new, stricter Erosion and Sediment Control Ordianance (ORD #1000)-- based on Best Management Practices (BMP). It was earlier estimated the new construction requirements would add about $250 to the cost of a typical new single family home. Also, a question came up about the legality of the red clay being used by the County within 100' of the Bay (against a current City Ordinance) during the construction of its Eastern Shore Bike Trail through Pt Clear. City Environmental Officer Kim Burmeister said she had no authority to make the county comply, since it was a county gov. project on their right of way outside the city limits. Burmeister: "I'd like to, but as far as I know I don't have the authority."


Anonymous said...

looks like the county boys come in here like a bull in the china shop and do pretty much what they want, cutting trees and polluting the bay and such

Anonymous said...

No Hope for FHope.
If you ain't a developer you got no chance.