Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mayor's Grass Proposal Dies

A proposal to overseed the tees and fairways at the Quail Creek Golf Course with rye grass seed (for this winter's season) was unanimously rejected by the Council at Monday's meeting. Finance Committee Chairman Mixon: "Mayor Kant is out of town . . . but he wanted to add this on tonight's agenda . . . some urgency all of a sudden . . . must be done within 10 days," City Purchasing Manager Dan Ames said he had received a requisition from Bob Hall (Golf Director) for 14,500 pounds of seed-- at a cost of $11,310. Ames: "That's above the Mayor's $7,500 spending limit . . . requires Council's approval." Mixon: "The Mayor thinks this will make the course look good in the Winter. My thoughts are the course has been sitting there (course closed since June), the grass growing anyway . . . we don't need to spend that much." Councilman Ford asked Golf Director Hall what he thought: "Its a look requested by the Mayor. Some other courses in the area over-seed. Snowbirds come down-- and like to see green grass." Ford: "Like advertising." Hall: "That's correct." Council President Quinn then asked for a motion to accept the bid-- but there was only silence. Quinn: "It died for the lack of a motion."


Anonymous said...

a penny saved is a penny earned

ChiliDipper said...

i hate that hole. always slice it in somebodys yard.