Monday, August 24, 2009

School Worries about Dangerous Intersection

Tiffany Henry, a representative from Bayshore Christian School on HWY 98 (at South Dr.) told the City Council of chronic traffic problems "when you leave and enter Bayshore (South St., Presbyterian Dr.) onto 98 . . . (for) people trying to come back to Fairhope." Henry: " Its been dangerous in the past . . . confusion at the median . . . many near misses." She said she had discussed the issue with Lt. Pettis-- and he had mentioned possibly putting a "traffic person" there for a while to establish traffic patterns or a sign instructing drivers to turn right (from South St.) then go down and make a u turn to get back to Fairhope (instead of trying to turn left across the 4 lane's speeding traffic). Police Chief Press responded he would need to do a formal study of the problem first, but would take immediate steps possible to help--based on his Department's current limited economic resources. [Publisher's Note: Because of ever increasing traffic volume and chronic speeding on HWY 98, this intersection is infamous for accidents-- and at least one fatality in the late 1990s]


SusieQ477 said...

"Connectivity" is the solution to these problems, but hardheaded NIMBY folks are holding it up

Anonymous said...

we don't enforce traffic laws because the all powerful Chamber of Commerce thinks that would hurt their business. doesn't matter to them how many folks are hurt or killed ($)