Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Financial Advisory Committee (Cont. #3)

(continued from previous post) 3. Water/Sewer Department Expenditures (Proposed 2010) Department Manager Dan McCrory said he "tried to hold to last years budget"-- including: $570K for plant (system infrastructure) maintenance (Asked by Member Grubin the "split" between sewer/water--McCrory replied about 60/40 , sewer/water) Replacement of aging vehicles/equipment-- one having 240K mileage (McCrory: " Dependable equipment's necessary . . . if there's a water main break in the middle of night . . . have to re-establish water/fire pressure quickly"). $540K for "chemicals and testing" (up considerably from last year)-- including odor control at lift stations and new mandates from the EPA-- for testing/treatment. Relining of a lift station (preservation purposes). Rock Creek Subdivision water pressure improvements. Part one of a three phase project to improve chronic low water pressure there (A new water line along HWY 13 between Fairhope Ave. and HWY 104. Eventually more line north, a new pump station, and a new water tank will be needed as well to cure the problem). Safer treatment techniques at well #2 (near Wal Mart)--to prevent any accidental chlorine treatment-gas release (there's a Daycare business nearby). A trailer to carry backhoes (vice "driving" the backhoe to the job site--and wearing it out prematurely). McCrory emphasized the large service territory: almost all the way to Foley/Summerdale. $40K to purchase land behind Fire Station #1 (Ingleside Ave.)--where a new water well could be located someday. Funding to drill "test bores" on S. Section St.-- and to cap 2 existing wells. **Funding retiree healthcare came up during McCrory's presentation-- as well as numerous other times during the meeting: apparently a serious, city-wide problem (un-funded liability). Chairman Zunk: "Again. . . I can't emphasize enough . . . payroll control . . . headcount control." (to be continued)


Pirate Dad said...

I'm all for odor control!

GoodGirl said...

I heard that. Payroll control!