Friday, September 11, 2009

Mayor Proposes Electric Rate Hike

In his 2010 budget, Mayor Kant is proposing an electric rate increase for all customers--due to what he claims will be a 4.9% power cost increase on March 1st (by the AMEA). Kant: "I put it in. . . the Council will have to decide if they want to 'eat it' (not pass it on to customers." Also, after doing another "rate study" (and because of recent public pressure: "phone calls")--the Mayor is proposing doing away with the controversial/mysterious "fuel adjustment charge" altogether (now about an additional 20%); and replacing it with a new 2 part customer bill: (1) the actual cost for energy; (2) operational costs (set by the City Council). Kant: "Alabama Power's already made the change." [Publisher's note: Kant is a member of the Board of Directors of the AMEA (Secretary/Treasurer)]


Anonymous said...

uh, oh!

Anonymous said...

I think the council should look at not passing this on since they passed the sales and they say they will not have to pull as much money from the electric account. I got my electric bill the other day and had to pay 69.00 in fuel adj..

OldFart01 said...

I surely hope the big shots know what theyre doing to us on fixed incomes and social security. Its us have to pay for all the big raises and rate increases you know